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Reshet Graf Infrared ID Solutions

Gear Point Special Products (SP) is a specialized unit within our organization with focus on Tactical Technology Solutions that can be offered to specific clients only and where high integrity and secrecy are paramount.

Gear Point is proud to be the exclusive partner of Reshet Graf and be their representative for the BeNeLux-market (Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg).

Together with Reshet Graf, Gear Point offers unique combat ID solutions for Night Vision and Thermal Devices (Thermal ID / NVG ID / Thermal Targets). All products are combat proven and used by many top notch units around the globe.

“Special Products” started back in 2006 under sister company Safe Tactics and moved to Gear Point in 2016 when Safe Tactics decided to focus solely on High Angle Access Solutions, worldwide. The legacy continues under Gear Point. We are experts in providing total concept solutions for the military and law Enforcement special operations community: protecting people and infrastructure from terrorist and extremist threats at home and abroad. 

At Gear Point SP you will find experts with many years of “hands-on” experience in your field of operation. Our specialists have served in top tier military and law enforcement special operations units and cover a wide range of expertise. 

Rather than providing equipment and procedures that look fancy, Gear Point offers solutions that work!

Share us your challenges. We will make sure that you are well prepared for your operations! For more information around the full product-line of Reshet Graf feel free to contact ruben[at]

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