Lindnerhof Taktik Plate Carrier MX042 Stone Grey

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    The MX042 plate carrier is the MX version of the well-known LT042/II plate carrier. It is fully MOLLE/PALS compatible thanks to laser cuts on the front and back.... Toon meer
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    Lindnerhof Plate Carrier MX042

    The MX042 plate carrier is the MX version of the well-known LT042/II plate carrier. It is fully MOLLE/PALS compatible thanks to laser cuts on the front and back. The multiaxial laminate not only ensures a lower weight, but also less water absorption compared to plate carriers with webbing.


    Quick Release and Attachment

    It is equipped with our patented hook buckle on the shoulder and waist straps. This allows for the quick release of the plate carrier within seconds, whether due to an injury, a fall into water, or a change in the threat or operational situation. A strong pull in any direction is all it takes. Just as quickly as it can be removed, it can be reattached.


    Integrated Admin Compartment

    The plate carrier features an integrated admin pocket beneath the fleece surface at the front. This pocket is equipped with elastic loops for organizing and attaching smaller equipment items.


    Compatible with various plate sizes

    The MX042 plate carrier comes in sizes M and L, each designed to accommodate SAPI M or L plate sizes. The plates can be inserted from the bottom and are held securely by the plate retaining strap. This strap also ensures smaller or uniquely shaped plates (like the Swimmers Cut) stay in the correct position. Additional hook and loop pockets (such as MX174, LT112, LT104) can be attached to the plate compartment's hook and loop fastener. An extra strap is included to simplify opening the plate compartment.


    Simple Adjustment of the Waist Belt

    The skeletonised waist belt can be adjusted individually due to a lacing system and a cord stopper, even while fastened. Two distinct cord thicknesses are included in the package. These provide different levels of resistance and flexibility, facilitating adaptation to various wearing needs and changes in clothing underneath the plate carrier, such as a jacket versus a field shirt.


    Slim Shoulder Strap

    The shoulder strap of the plate carrier can be adjusted using the hook and loop fastener, allowing adjustments even while being worn. The slim 25 mm hook buckle on the shoulder straps provides extra space for placing a rifle stock. MOLLE/PALS slots are also available on the shoulder strap for cable management or for attaching additional pouches.


    Loop areas on both the inside and the outside

    The upper sections on the front and back of the carrier have loop areas for attaching patches. This allows for personalisation and labelling. Additionally, the loop surfaces on the inside of the plate carrier can be used to attach padding (e.g. LT250) or extra pockets (e.g. MX634 radio bag or LT241 tourniquet holder).


    Quick to set up and convert

    Our MX042 panel carrier can be quickly and flexibly adapted to respond to different situations and tasks. It features a large loop surface on the front for attaching front panels (MX231 & MX234), using either a plug-in buckle or hook and loop. Alternatively, chest rigs (e.g. MX266) or micro rigs (MX886/MX887) can also be attached here. The plate carrier is also compatible with LHT backpacks thanks to loops on the waist and shoulder straps. Zip panels (LT632 and the LT400/II) can be easily and quickly attached to the zips on the back.


    Intelligent Cable Management

    The MX042 plate carrier offers an intelligent cable management system. It enables the organised sorting and routing of cables and drinking tubes. Cables can be also routed through the plate compartments thanks to the bartack seams at the front and back. This prevents the cables from protruding and avoids damage or obstructions, such as when changing magazines. The front section includes back-to-back loops for further optimization of cable routing.



    • Fully modular plate carrier
    • Made from ultra-light multiaxial laminate MX
    • Standard laser-cut MOLLE slots on the entire front and back
    • 3 back-to-back loops for cable management on the front
    • Cut-open bartack seams for cable routing
    • Zipper on the back for attaching zip-panels (CP-compatible)
    • hook and loop areas on the front and back
    • hook and loop areas on the insides to add pads or additional pouches
    • Shoulder straps in size M with extra-slim 25mm patented hook buckle
    • MOLLE slots on shoulder straps (for cable management and additional pouches; length adjustments via hook and loop fastener)
    • Loops on shoulder straps and waistbelt compatible with Lindnerhof Taktik backpacks (e.g. HL334 Modular Backpack)
    • Skeletonised waistbelt: 3 rows with 10 MOLLE slots each
    • Waistbelt with patented hook buckle
    • Size adjustment through shock cord
    • Compatible with plate size SAPI L (and SAPI M or NATO-standard by using the plate-holding strap)
    • Attachment of a chest rig (e.g. MX266 + RMPL144) possible



    • Multiaxial laminate MX



    • approx. 700g



    • 1 Front piece
    • 1 Back piece
    • 1 Pair of shoulder straps (size M)
    • 1 waistbelt (3 rows with 10 MOLLE slots each)
    • 1 Elastic cord (3mm)
    • 1 Elastic cord (5mm)
    • 1 Cord stopper




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    Plate Carrier MX042 Stone Grey
    € 349,95
    Plate Carrier MX042 Stone Grey
    Maat: L
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